Subject headings, ready for discussion
(Photo Liz Holmes)

Who are we?


  • SDUK is the professional trade organisation for stage directors across the UK.
  • SDUK represents the interests of stage directors and campaigns for better rights and working conditions.
  • SDUK is a membership organisation providing a sense of community and a unifying network for its members.
  • SDUK offers support, training and professional development.
  • SDUK is “by directors, for directors.”



  • To be the sole or pre-eminent negotiating body for stage directors in the UK – in theatre, opera and all aspects of live performance.
  • To have demonstrated through its actions that it has transformed the fees, contracts and working lives of directors at all stages of their careers.
  • To have ensured that a career as a director can be a viable possibility for as many talented individuals as possible irrespective of background, race or gender.
  • To have achieved a sustainable, diverse and pro-active membership



  • Championing the role of directors across the UK, advocating for their interests and transforming their working lives
  • The power of the directing community to achieve change
  • Providing a legacy of opportunity, training and support to other directors
  • Moving the directing culture towards a greater spirit of collaboration and mutual support – “by directors, for directors.