Is SDUK open to every director?
   Yes, to every stage or opera director or assistant director working in the UK, irrespective of status.

What can SDUK do for me?   
Our first mission is to increase fees for theatre directors. For us to do this it is essential that you join SDUK, study our 2015 Earnings Report, and back our Fee Campaign.

Is SDUK only interested in fees?   
By no means. There is a long list of issues that directors want us to address, including standard contracts, royalties, directors’ copyright, rights payments for digital broadcasts, training, arts funding, personal development, directors’ networks and so on.

What about the scarcity of funding in the arts?
   This is a perennial issue that SDUK cannot solve, but we want directors at all levels to be part of the ongoing debate – another reason we need our own, strong, collective organisation.

What is the subscription?
   Members will pay approximately 1% of income earned as a stage director, with a minimum of £90 and a maximum of £900 (both less than Equity). Student membership is available for £25.

What about Artistic Directors?   Artistic or Associate Directors on staff contracts will pay the rate on half of their staff salary only, as they spend so much time in admin. We already have a great many AD’s in SDUK and several on the Board.

Will SDUK help in employment disputes, offer insurance and pensions?   
Legal advice on contracts and public liability insurance are amongst the benefits members enjoy. We are now investigating setting up a pension scheme and obtaining favourable rates on financial advice.

What about the rest of the UK?   
Inevitably we are London based, but we are gradually developing a network outside London, with local meetings and workshops. Currently our Scottish section is the strongest after London.

What is SDUK’s relationship to Directors UK?
   Directors UK have been enormously helpful to us since we launched in September 2014, and we hope that the association will continue long into the future, as there are many shared issues. We have together set up the Directors Charitable Foundation to pursue welfare and development issues for both stage and screen directors.

What about Equity?   
We respect Equity, and admire what it does for actors. However it has not represented directors satisfactorily for a very long time, and recently closed down its Directors Section. Directors need their own professional organisation, run by and for directors. That organisation is SDUK.

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